Our aim at YOIQI is to make premium quality Yoga Clothing to support and facilitate the movement of the body. Comfort is our priority – No seam should rub and no elastic band should dig in. The clothes should function as a second skin; feel smooth to the touch and look good on the eye.

We achieve this standard by choosing the highest quality organic Egyptian cotton and by producing stylish and simple designs. 


We care passionately about the environment, as well as our fellow human beings. For that reason, we at YOIQI have entrusted the cultural initiative group SEKEM with our manufacturing. SEKEM is an ecological manufacturing project in Egypt. It is founded on the principal of establishing a sustainable, reliable, fair and ethical economy for all. The entire production process – from plant cultivation to manufacturing to distribution – is evolved under one umbrella so all of our products are fully traceable and reliably ethical. We trust SEKEM so you can trust us.


Our priority lies with the quality, durability, sustainability and design in our clothing range. We practice conscious consumption to create pieces that last for life. Our clothing is designed for yoga practice. But if you feel comfortable in it the way we do, go ahead and wear YOIQI whenever and wherever you feel like it.​

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